1 The establishment of an investment tax on Wall Street trading in securities of 1% to finance the rebuilding of Americas crumbling infrastructure and building the 21st Century economy

2 Build the 21st century energy infrastructure of clean green energy technologies to create a zero emission energy footprint by 2050 through the transition to a solar hydrogen economy. This is also my proposal to address climate change, as this is also the only real solution to the problem

3 Provide financing to retrofit home farm and business with solar heat and photo voltaic capacity,  this will greatly reduce greenhouse gasses and benefit Vermonters financially as well.  Current energy policy leaves families farms and small businesses out in the cold, in a literal sense, and instead funds large scale enterprises that only benefits the developers and the banks

4 Develop and retrofit communities that allow pedestrian, bike and other non motorized access to schools, shopping and other neighborhood amenities. This will benefit the economy and the environment at the same time 

5Increase investment in the public sector to rehire teachers, police officers and other people who were laid off in the economic and banking crisis of 2008 to improve the safety and welfare of citizens   
6 Build a 21st century public transportation system by expanding service in rural areas, with the creation of a statewide public transportation system in Vermont, and the development of other nationwide transportation systems such as high speed rail and increasing service in urban areas served by mass transit                                                                                                                                     
7 Provide Microloans for small business and cottage industries. Establish new agricultural legislation that supports small and medium size farms, instead of the current paradigm of enriching and supporting large agribusiness interests which exists under current U.S.D.A policy and programs         
8 Enforce large scale banking reform to create a stable and equitable banking system that works for everyoneand also invests in the local community economy by providing access to low interest capital for smallbusinesses and community investment                                                                                                 
9 Community control of large scaleenergy development such as the construction of gas and other pipelines and industrial scale wind farms which have a major impact on habitat and environment

10 Set goals of American foreign policy to build global peace and international security for the world community of all nations through international co operation and multi lateral efforts to cure our oil addiction by working together, instead of global empire building by supporting the oil oligarchy and its puppet politicians

By Jerry Trudell for U.S. Senate