Candidate name: Jerry Trudell


Campaign hotline: 802-829-1385


Mailing Address: PO Box 121 Chelsea, VT 05038

Biographical sketch:  Artist, Pilot, photographer/filmmaker and community activist. Graduated from Johnson State College in 2011. As a freelance photographer (Instagram: jerrypilot2016) I built my Vermont Business up until the great recession of 2008, whereupon I was forced to “reinvent myself”.  Now I am fully “reinvented” as a pesky and vocal individual who is thoroughly fed up with the permanent recession economy.   My own personal experience of economic hardship as well as of my fellow hard working Vermonters has inspired me to propose my platform of proposals for a new 21st Century economy of Prosperity for All.

Position Statement: “It’s time to give Congress a good swift kick in the pants”

My “position” is very simple... The number one issue of voter concern is the economy. It’s time to end the permanent recession economy and create a new era of prosperity for all...  That is my position, and my proposals are available for all to see on my website,

To summarize my position we need to reinvest in America, to rebuild our aging and deteriorating infrastructure or highways, bridges and other public infrastructure.  This will create jobs and economic stimulus as well as improve the safety of motorists who travel these roads, bridges and tunnels.  

The “energy” issue is central to my proposals, as energy is the central issue of survival.  Energy is intrinsic to everything we do, and the rising costs of energy have been a big part of the problem with our economy since the turn of the century. We have had a series of energy price “shocks” after Hurricane Katrina, and several times since .which have helped trigger the recession of 2007, which occurred just before the big bank melt of 2008.  I believe that the impact of rising energy prices has helped create the permanent recession economy that we are now living in. We remain vulnerable to future events beyond our borders and control that affect the price and supply of energy...  As long as we remain in this position we are being held hostage, by oil company profits, and by unstable political regimes that are less than cooperative. Unless we change this paradigm we will be heading down a dead end street the only real way to lower the cost of energy is to convert our energy infrastructure to a “Zero Emission” energy economy. Zero emission energy sources such as solar and wind have a very stable cost of fuel, namely Zero!! We stand to harvest trillions of dollars from the\energy savings we can harvest from these locally available sources of energy. This will constitute a powerful economic stimulus.  All we need to do is to invest enough resources to accomplish the task.    At the same time we can also create the only real solution to the climate change that is being affected by the greenhouse gasses of our civilization. This is a win win, that is, if we get in gear and accomplish this task. My opponent gives much lip service to the problem of climate change but he does not propose the real solution, I do! If we do not take the correct course of action we are faced with a continuation of the same precarious situation that we are all in with energy dependence, high prices, a lackluster economy and an uncertain future. Reelect the status quo of a dead end street. Elect me and send a powerful message to the fools on the hill giving me enough political capital to implement my proposals and create a new future of prosperity for all.

I am also proposing the 1 Percent solution, or an investment tax of 1% on Wall Street trading in securities and derivatives.  This is my proposal to finance the construction of the 21st Century Economy of prosperity for all. A transaction tax would generate the necessary capital required to build the 21st Century economy, and create a new America of prosperity for all.

Jerry Trudell for U.S. Senate