Right now we face chronic underemployment throughout the workforce. More and more people are working long hours for low pay, or even worse, working part time for low wages, and are unable to make ends meet. The poor have gotten even poorer and the middle class has joined their ranks.  The high cost of living, just to meet basic needs has outstripped the incomes of most people today. The cost of a “college education” is absurd and not affordable to most, who end up saddled with a lifetime loadstone around their neck trying to pay off a mountain of high interest debt with a small salary.   We are being told by the policymakers that the recession is “over” and that things will be just fine, if we just be more patient. Yet, the future remains bleak for many Vermonters for the hope of a good paying job that provides enough income to do more than just pay the heating bills and keep the beater going another year or so before it completely turns into a rust bucket.

My patience has worn thin, however, and many others are also sick and tired of the permanent recession economy. That is why I am running for Senate, because enough is enough, and it’s time to jump start the economy, get people back to work and begin the job of rebuilding Americas deteriorating infrastructure of bridges, roads, highways and other public resources. At the same time, we need to invest in 21st Century technology, to build the energy infrastructure of the future, instead of continuing our addiction to 20th century outmoded and unsustainable energy dependence of fossil fuels.  We can create jobs, prosperity and material wealth for all, through this common sense approach to our 21st century problem solving efforts.

Congress lacks both the vision and the will to see this common sense formula for success. To say that the body of souls is “out of touch” is, to me an understatement.

It would be more accurate to say that they are the most ill-informed and incapable body of decision makers that has ever ruled the planet.   It’s time to change that equation, by sending a strong and articulate message to those powers that be “up on the hill.”

By electing me to the office of U.S. Senate, you will be empowering this messenger, to deliver this message loud and clear, that it’s time to jump start the economy now, and end the permanent economy of austerity for most and prosperity for the few, by transforming the 21st century future that we all deserve and that is also the only truly sustainable future for spaceship Earth and all her inhabitants. These 20th Century fossils belong in a museum, not in an elected body of important decision makers, in my opinion, but since they are still there, we will need to give them a good stiff “kick in the pants” (rhetorically speaking of course, ha ha) and enter the 21st century.

Please read the rest of my plans and proposals for jump starting the economy.  These will be part of the “message” that I will be delivering, if you elect me to be your messenger, as well as your Senator. My election combined with my message will send a powerful signal to Congress, get their attention, and give them a true “wake up call”. There is a very good chance that they will be ready to listen to me when I arrive.