Please send me an email to info@jerrytrudellforsenate.com or use the contact form if you want to volunteer for my campaign. Tell me what you are interested in doing and what skills you have to offer. campaign hotline: 802-829-1385

Right now my priority needs are for people to help me with my emarketing and social media campaign and for issue oriented research. I will need people to help with my voter registration drive and my community outreach campaign. I will also be needing people who have good telephone skills to do telephone outreach. I also need your suggestions and information, as I do not know everything!!!  Even though I am taking initiative this campaign will be a collective effort of all who help as the team effort is the key to success!!  We are all in this together, and together we can succeed!! 

 10 things you can do to help jump start the revolution

1) Tell all your friends and tell all your Facebook friends about my campaign. Post on Facebook, Instagram and twitter as much as you can. 

2) Call WCAX in Burlington Vermont and the Burlington Free Press tell them that you want them to do a better job of covering all of the candidates on the ballot and not just the Dems and Repubs.

3) Call WPTZ  and thank them for their past coverage of my campaigns and encourage them to keep up the good work

4) Call the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and tell them about my campaign

5) Post and share my YouTube videos with all your friends

6) Register to vote and tell your friends to register to vote

7) Visit my virtual campaign headquarters and help in any way you can

8)   If you are from New York City plan a vacation in Vermont and plug in to the campaign effort.   I will be meeting with your Mayor if I am elected to tell him to build more affordable housing for New Yorkers so I will be your representative in Congress too!! 

9) Volunteer to pass out campaign literature on Election Day

10) VOTE!!


Donate In kind

A new kind of campaign for the 21st century that I hope can be an example of what is possible for grassroots Democracy using the new media tools available today. This will be a "no budget" campaign. I will only be soliciting donations in kind.

Jerry Trudell for Senate

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To summarize my position we need to reinvest in America, to rebuild our aging and deteriorating infrastructure, highways, bridges and other public infrastructure.  This will create jobs and economic stimulus as well as improve the safety of motorists who travel these roads, bridges and tunnels.  The "energy" issue is central to my proposals, as energy is the central issue of survival. Energy is intrinsic to everything we do, and the rising costs of energy have been a big part of the problem with our economy since the turn of the century

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