The place to plug in to the campaign empowerment effort

 I am running a new kind of campaign for the 21st century that I hope can be an example of what is possible for grassroots Democracy using the new media tools available today. This will be a "no budget" campaign. I will only be soliciting donations in kind. I will not be buying any advertising, but instead generating news coverage directly, my campaign will be content driven and I have a lot of content to drive the campaign Below you will find a wish list of useful items that I am requesting for donation or use for the campaign. I also have a separate "Bus Wish List" as I have use of a 42 foot Classic Greyhound GMC Scenicruiser, which will be running on straight vegetable oil, to reduce emissions and extent extend engine life.

Wish List for Donations in Kind:

  1. Tables of any kind especially portable, for field program outreach
  2. Chairs of any kind but preferable portable folding chairs
  3. Laptops, desktops and related hardware
  4. Clipboards, file cabinets and other stationary supplies
  5. Office space that can be temporarily donated
  6. Fuel donations for traveling throughout the State
  7. Bullhorns and portable P.A. systems
  8. Art supplies for street theater
  9. Donations to Pop Color East, which is my printer for lawn signs and other campaign literature
  10. Camper or RV for field program
  11. Food
  12. Anything else that may be useful for the campaign

If you want to donate anything, just send me an email or click this contact link and we will coordinate an arrange for you to drop off the item that you want to donate. If you want to buy me or any of my campaign workers lunch, send me an email and I will send you a list of diners and other restaurants that you can buy lunch for the campaign.

Jerry Trudell